5 R's of Transformation

1. Reevaluate

If the challenge and lesson keep returning, there is a good chance you need to observe, and give a second look to your life, surroundings, mission, and vision. It is time to questions every aspect of your life.

2. Recalculate

Excellent! You took the first step to question and observe within your life and your surroundings. Now- take the data, answers, emotions, and questions you have and begin your new strategy. Recalculate your direction and design a new formula for your life’s equation.

When life confronts you with the same lesson multiple times, it is now the moment to take an in depth look at what needs to transform within to strengthen you and prepare you for the next level of your life.

3. Reboot

R1 and R2 take A LOT of energy because it is shaking and changing the fabric and foundation of your life, traditions, original visions, and belief systems. Take this is the ideal opportunity to take care of yourself. Take a trip or pick up a new practice that rebuilds your energy and restores your ideas. For goodness sake – sleep!

4. Rebirth

You took time off and hibernated to get rid of your fears and questions. You allowed space to generate new ideas and plant new seeds of growth. In Spanish to give birth is also described as “to give light,” when you have shed the layers of life’s lessons to transform your life. You are given a 2nd opportunity to be born again, and this time you are given a chance to birth your light and vision to life.

5. Relaunch

You are alive and well. Congratulations! You have survived the birthing pains of transformations and are re-born. If you have done both the internal and external work it takes to transform one’s life, then you are ready to live, thrive, and fly to new heights. Take all your lessons and experiences and relaunch your new life and vision.

Roxana Damas

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